About Us

My name is Kennisha Kelly. From a young age I was always into being unique in my fashion. Colors had to be bright and fun. Never dull. I was always creative and always trying to find ways to be my authentic bright bubbly colorful self.  Growing up I always had accessories on. Never a time you would catch me without my jewelry. However during the pandemic I wasn’t able to dress up be colorful and bright. So instead of feeling stifled. I allowed my creativity to turn into something fun. Therefor StacKed byL2K offers one of a kind unique wrist wear at an affordable price. Luxury doesn’t always cost a fortune and being unique is priceless. A lot of our items are handmade and all handmade items are one of a kind. Once sold, no one will ever be able to have a duplicate.  We let our clients know that it is important to be BOLD be COLORFUL be LOVED and be YOUnique.


I am also a Middle school teacher and I realize how important it is to celebrate individuality and reach each one where they are and I keep that same mindset in all that I create as one size will never fit all. So I do my best to celebrate uniqueness and individuality each and every chance I get. 

Also remember being unique is not a WANT. it’s simply a NEED